Allen Roland
Photo by Jennifer Morella
Allen Roland


Fighter Jet

This is a picture of a fighter plane breaking the sound barrier - something I used to do every day as a Navy carrier pilot in my supersonic jet.

Breaking the fear barrier is necessary inorder to go beyond the ego and reach a place of soul consciousness.
FEAR = False Exaggerations Appearing Real. Fear is what keeps most people from truly experiencing their authentic self or finding their authentic vocation. The most common fears are " being myself is not enough " and " those who I love deeply will leave me ".

Speaking from my own personal experience I can unequivocally share with you that these fears are illusions. I know and live that being myself is not only enough but a gift and that those who I love deeply , starting with my beloved grandfather, still live and will forever live in my heart.

So how do we break the fear barrier? By realizing that fear exists but not letting ourselves be controlled by it. The only way out of fear is through it - only then do you realize it is an illusion.

The true test of fear is always in relationship for it is only in relationship that we come face to face with our deepest fears. The shortest path to soul consciousness is fully opening your heart for that is the ultimate YES to yourself and it will bring you face to face with your deepest fears.

In summary, only when you break the FEAR BARRIER will you realize that it was the path to your soul.

Allen L Roland , Ph.D
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