Allen Roland
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Allen Roland


On March 6th this year an MRI revealed that I had an infected disc in my back ( Discitus ) and within hours I was in the hospital with a morphine drip and in very serious health trouble.

Up until that point I had been dealing with some back pain which I thought was brought on by my extensive computer work last summer and fall in conjunction with the final edits of my new book. I was totally humbled by this experience and forced to rely on many people to be there for me in my rapidly deteriorating state of health.

I totally surrendered to it and never lost my sense of humor - actually laughing at myself and how frail and pathetic I had become .

As such, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the doctors, nurses, dear friends and loved ones ( especially Deborah ) who were totally there for me during my amazing rapid recovery.

On April 1st , I was wearing a cast but seeing clients in my "barn".

By May 1st the cast was gone and I was seeing clients in my office with the help of a cane. By June 1st the cane was gone and I am now swimming three times a week at my health club and back on my book tour.

I was completely humbled by this experience because there was nothing I could give anyone except myself and where I was - regardless of how pathetic I was. The Universe obviously has much more work for me to do and I now find myself coming from an even deeper place of gratitude, lightness and joy in my work.

Could it be that the universe , in its infinite wisdom, decided that I must share my work and truth from an even deeper place of gratitude and humbleness ? I think so - and I got the message !

Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them for it alone takes them and joins them to what is deepest within themselves.

With love, joy and humbleness


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