Allen Roland
Photo by Jennifer Morella
Allen Roland


It was the great Egyptian poet Mafouz who wrote - "When the heart achieves its desire - you shall transcend time and space".

My heart's desire and ultimate dream has been to love so deeply and profoundly that I would become one with source and a state of soul consciousness - The Unified Field.

That happened in my last major relationship where I surrendered to a love, that was far greater than myself, and then let go from a place of unconditional love and joy - and, in the process, became one with source.

I now feel completely in sync with my destiny as my new book - RADICAL THERAPY / SURRENDER TO LOVE AND HEAL YOURSELF IN SEVEN SESSIONS - NOT SEVEN YEARS - goes to print.

Every person involved with the production of this book feels that it is something that is far greater than all of us. I feel like everything in my life, all my triumphs and learning lessons, have prepared me for this moment where I am taking full responsibility for what I know and feel.

I also feel, more than ever, the exhileration of knowing that I am totally in sync with my destiny.

I share this moment with you because this never would have happened if I had not fully opened my heart many years ago - made the shift to inner validation versus outer validation and realized that my life was being divinely guided - and got out of the way!

As William Blake wrote - "We are put on earth a little space to bear the beams of love".

Only by fully surrendering to love can we glimpse the inner path of the heart - and only by defeating fear can we live our ultimate dream - BEING ONE WITH SOURCE.



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