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War is No Longer an Option

We have now reached the place where we must learn , the hard way, that War is no longer an option.

We obviously did not learn this lesson in Vietnam but we will learn it in Iraq. Our occupying troops are being attacked atleast two dozen times a day and the death total is now close to 300 with the wounded well over 1500.

As Maureen Dowd , New York Times columnist, wrote; " Far from being the swift and gratifying lesson in U.S. dominance that Cheney& Co predicted ~ our incursion into Iraq is turning into a spun-out, scary lesson in the dangers of hubris ."

We are going to be humiliated in Iraq and rightfully so and many soldiers and innocent civilians will pay the price for our greed and arrogance.

Maureen Reynolds of the Los Angeles Times interviewed a private of the Third Infantry during President Bush's recent visit to Fort Stewart , Georgia. Private Henry commented that the response to the President was muted by the knowledge among the soldiers and families that they will have to return to Iraq soon. He said he lost about ten members of his unit and he's not eager to go back . " What I heard the President say was ' You went there. You took names ~ came home ~ now your going back ' " Then Henry commented ; " He likes war . He should go fight a war for two days and see how he likes it ."

This is a president who has never seen combat , and was AWOL the last year of his reservist duty in a Air National Guard unit ~ whose records have been purged .

The presidents obvious strategy for the election in 2004 is to cloak himself in a flag as the commander-in-chief of a never ending war against terrorism that he himself has intensified with a blatent and illegal grab for oil and power in Iraq.

It's going to get worse before we see the light and the truth that war is no longer an option ~ which is what always happens when we make a collective shift in consciousness. We will literally be scared into a new way of thinking and acting.

Paul Krugman of the New York Times writes of the obvious and cynical exploitation of 9/11 for the administrations neo conservative and war agenda ;

" Is the public - and the news media - finally prepared to cry foul when cynicism comes wrapped in the flag? America's political future may rest on the answer.The press has become a lot less shy about pointing out the administration's exploitation of 9/11, partly because that exploitation has become so crushingly obvious. As The Washington Post pointed out yesterday, in the past six weeks President Bush has invoked 9/11 not just to defend Iraq policy and argue for oil drilling in the Arctic, but in response to questions about tax cuts, unemployment, budget deficits and even campaign finance. Meanwhile, the crudity of the administration's recent propaganda efforts, from dressing the president up in a flight suit to orchestrating the ludicrously glamorized TV movie about Mr. Bush on 9/11, have set even supporters' teeth on edge. "

It's time for a change in direction and we must lead this change by asserting that our innate urge to unite and cooperate with one another is far greater than the false need to separate ourselves from and impose our will on others.

It won't be easy because this admiinistration is so convinced that it is right ~ and it is more than willing to use lies and deception to accomplish its neo conservative agenda.

It reminds me of an appropriate quote from Laurens van der Post ~

Human beings are perhaps never more frightening than when they are convinced beyond doubt that they are right.

Let us prove that they are wrong by deciding that we do have another choice in 2004 and let's have that choice be fueled by this life enhancing affirmation ~ War is no longer a choice .


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