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The Light at The End of the Tunnel

Four years ago Al Gore and the Democrats were robbed of a victory when the Supreme court ruled 5-4 against continuing the Presidential recount.

George Bush became our first court appointed President with less than a majority of the total vote.

For the last three years we have been rapidly descending into a black tunnel of massive deficit spending, an illegal preemptive war in Iraq , the loss of countless jobs, and the steady erosion of respect and admiration by our major European friends. The candle we lighted for the world is flickering and is close to going out ~ for we have replaced International community and mutual cooperation with preemptive military power, greed and selfishness.

In the last three years we have become lazy and have given away our power and country to a neo conservative pipe dream of Empire building and world dominance.

But the Democrats have learned their lesson especially Al Gore ~ who now realizes that had he completely trusted himself and his vision for America he would be tapping into the same wave that others are now riding.

Only one candidate has fully realized that Americans have become disenfranchised and feel like we have little if any voice in the direction of an Administration ~ that is seemingly controlled and fueled by special interests and large corporate political donors.

But there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel !

Only one candidate has fully realized that Americans want to take our country back and once again feel respect and admiration for what we , as a country, once stood for.

That candidate is Howard Dean .

I attended a huge Dean fundraiser at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco yesterday and was deeply moved by the man and his clear message of empowerment.

The auditorium was packed and after a touching documentary on Dean's life ~ Bonnie Raitt and David Crosby with CPR got the juices flowing . It was heartfelt world class entertainment in celebration of a world class candidate.

Dean entered in his campaign uniform ~ white shirt rolled up to his elbows and favorite red tie.

His message was simple yet profound for he wasn't campaigning ~ he was 'communing' with us as someone who deeply understands that we as a country have lost our soul and with it our bearings.

I had contributed $ 500.00 for the privilege of close up seating and a reception with Dean following the event.

I personally asked him, at the reception, what he felt was the most critical issue of this campaign ?

He said , " Allen, the most critical issue is jobs, the economy and getting our fiscal house in order ~ but the meta-issue ( of a higher order kind ) is restoring trust and credibility to the Presidency. "

That's what I wanted to hear and as I shook his hand I said " Give em hell , Howard " . He smiled and said he is and will continue to do so.

This man is for real and the Bushites know it . Karl Rove is planning a formidable campaign against Dean in early January in both Iowa and New Hampshire .

Why ? Because Rove knows that the power of the people , whose anger has been effectively and constructively bottled by Dean, could effectively expose the myth of the Bush presidency and stop the four horseman of hubris ( Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz ) in their tracks.

The last person Rove wants Bush to face off with in an election and likely debate is a highly articulate, intelligent and knowledgeable Dean with an obvious mandate from the people.

There is a place for everyone at the Dean table and that includes Kucinich, Gebhardt and Clark as well as the Greens and Independents.

We Democrats must unite in order to beat Bush in 2004 .

The stakes are too high !

Get involved !

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is the power of the people.

And that power begins with you.


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