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Love & Synchronicity

It was Carl Jung who wrote :

We are in the deepest sense , the victims and the instruments of cosmogonic love. I do not use love in its connotations of desiring, preferring, favoring, wishing and similar feelings, but as something superior to the individual ~ a unified and undivided whole.

Jung's theories of the collective unconscious fit within and support my model of a Unified field of Love as a universal psychic energy field that unites and connects all beings.

In Religion and the Collective Unconscious , June Singer explains this phenomenon;

"The Collective Unconscious , as Jung perceived it, does not merely derive from personal experience but precedes the individual in time . It is not individual, but universal, carrying traces of the entire evolution of the species. Thus, the Collective Unconscious is a principle identical in all men and constitutes a substratum of a suprapersonal nature in all human beings."

As such, my Unified field of love and soul consciousness, like the collective unconscious, is a boundless psychic energy field that precedes us in time. You might say that it exists within us , yet we are born into it .

But the suprapersonal substratum of the Unified Field is Love . Love is a universal urge that carries within itself the traces of the entire evolution of the species in terms of its urge to unite and complete itself.

As such, this state of love and soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) does indeed constitute a substratum of a suprapersonal nature that is present and deepest within all human beings .

Which brings me to the subject at hand ~ Synchronicity . Jung's theory of synchronicity ( meaningful events and coincidences which later make complete sense ) can be explained as the working out of our individual yet interconnected destinies within a Unified psychic energy field of love and an evolving loving plan.

Thus , all of our key love relationships must be seen as synchronistic ~ in that they have led us closer to our ultimate surrender to love and our part in an evolving loving plan.

I am continually amazed at my ongoing heart connections with former mates and lovers ~ whereas we are drawn together and celebrate our next step on the journey of the heart ~ even though we are physically separated by distance.

In other words, those who we love deeply become part of us forever.

Think of it as a Universe of Heartstrings and when we do not deny love but instead celebrate it ~ our heartstring vibrates to a chord that is felt by all we love and have loved.

Thus Love is the ultimate energy which we must surrender to , both individually and collectively , in order to fulfill our destiny .

That path of the heart is inner guided and synchronicity is the vague awareness that each event or relationship is a step on that journey ~ which indeed it is .

Jung was convinced that deep within the unconscious ~ in the hidden regions of the human psyche that profoundly influence the conscious mind ~ lay all the answers for the unfolding and perfection of each human being.

He was also convinced that a source of energy , a psychic equivalent to that released by the splitting of the atom, could be released form the psyche's hidden depths.

And he was correct !

The primal force of love is that energy and the threshold to another universe of consciousness ~ and to a new way of being !

We are being continually led on that path through synchronistic events but few listen and fewer still respond to this inner call .

Responding to this inner call is the ultimate YES to yourself and affirmation of your life .


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