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Democrats Must Regain Spiritual Moorings

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."
- Frederick Douglass

The Democratic party has lost its soul and with it its spiritual moorings.

We have forgotten the words of Martin Luther King Jr :

" As you press on with justice, be sure to move with dignity and discipline, using only the weapons of love. "

We were once the party of nonviolence but have slipped our moorings and become spiritually lost in the process.

We have once again forgotten the words of Martin Luther King Jr :

" Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of the spirit . You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him. "

John kerry lost this election and his connection to the spiritual moorings of the Democratic party when he sold out to the undecided vote and said he would have voted to attack Iraq ~ even knowing what he knows now.

I remember visibly and emotionally cringing when I heard that . I could feel the historic and spiritual ties with our glorious Democratic past splinter and shred under the guise of Kerry's opportunistic political act.

We are the party of the poor and oppressed, the disenfranchised and feeble, the silenced and deprived, and we once wore that mantle of service proudly.

Robert F Kennedy realized the power of that constituency and would have swept that wave to victory if he had lived .

And the root of that giant wave is altruism and social cooperation which lies deepest within us and all mankind.
It's an evolutionary process with which we all participate as co-creators. It's a process that calls us to service and the Democratic party once served that master ~ before it lost its moorings.

Rabbi Michael Lerner writes of this same separation recently in Common Dreams:

" Imagine if John Kerry had been able to counter George Bush by insisting that a serious religious person would never turn his back on the suffering of the poor, that the bible's injunction to love one's neighbor required us to provide health care for all, and that the New Testament's command to "turn the other cheek" should give us a predisposition against responding to violence with violence ...
Imagine a Democratic Party that could talk about the strength that comes from love and generosity and applied that to foreign policy and homeland security...
Imagine a Democratic Party that could talk of a New Bottom Line, so that American institutions get judged efficient, rational and productive not only to the extent that they maximize money and power, but also to the extent that they maximize people's capacities to be loving and caring, ethically and ecologically sensitive, and capable of responding to the universe with awe and wonder...
and Imagine a Democratic Party that could call for schools to teach gratitude, generosity, caring for others, and celebration of the wonders that daily surround us! "

We Democrats have a golden opportunity now to reestablish our historic roots, to re-attach our spiritual moorings to the great coming together of mankind and to move beyond hatred to altruism and social cooperation .

Lerner ends his article by saying :

"The last time Democrats had real social power was when they linked their legislative agenda with a spiritual politics articulated by Martin Luther King. We cannot wait for the reappearance of that kind of charismatic leader to begin the process of rebuilding a spiritual/religious Left."

The spiritual religious left is rooted in black gospel music, in service to the oppressed and service to mankind.
It is a force so powerful that all hatred, injustice and hubris is disintegrated by it.
It is fueled by the truth and the Democrats must once again proudly hoist its banner and trust its message ~ for it resonates deepest within each one of us and all mankind. Lerner is correct, we cannot wait for the leader ~ we must be the leaders.

Only then will we Democrats regain our soul and with it our Spiritual moorings.


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