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Love is Missing Link in Evolution Wars / Roland

A god of love is the missing link in the evolution wars because it establishes love, or the universal urge to unite, as not only an evolutionary force but as the ultimate grand design or ' intelligent design ' of the universe: Allen L Roland

As Time magazine states on their August 15th cover ~ The push to teach " Intelligent Design " raises a question: Does God have a place in Science class?

My answer is Yes ~ but first we must determine what God is.

Is God Bush's old testament God of wrath and judgment ~ an externalized master designer who rules with an iron rod and favors only the chosen self selected few?

Or is God a new testament God of Love and altruism ~ an internalized kingdom of heaven within each one of us which reveals itself in our capacity to love and unite as deeply as Jesus did.

The latter answer is obvious to me for I have proved it in my work as a psychotherapist as well as in my relationships.

God is love, the basic underlying and uniting force of the universe ~ an evolutionary process with which we all participate as co-creators.

As such, Jesus comes off the pedestal that the church put him on and becomes an evolutionary forerunner for a state of love and soul consciousness deepest within each one of us.

That's right, Jesus was divinely human and so is each one of us ~ if we will but surrender to the love, joy and urge to unite that is deepest within us.

A god of love is the missing link in the evolution war because it establishes love, or the universal urge to unite, as not only an evolutionary force but as the ultimate grand design or ' intelligent design ' of the universe.

But, more importantly, it internalizes God and, as such, each one of us has a responsibility within this evolving loving plan.

But I will take it one further step and claim that this field of love is also the long sought for UNIFIED FIELD.

The basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) which lies not only beyond time and space but ALSO beneath our deepest fears: Allen L Roland

So, in summary, Scientific evidence (Biology, Miller & Levine) supports the theory that living species descended with modification from common ancestors that lived in the ancient past.

But without love and the urge to unite it is a static staircase of procreation and survival of the fittest . With love, on the other hand, it is an escalating historical love story that leads to increasing complexity, altruism and social cooperation.

Intelligent design ( Of Pandas and People , Davis & Kenyon ) means that various forms of life began abruptly through an external intelligence, with their features already intact . Some scientists have arrived at this view since some fossil forms have first appeared in the rock record with their features intact, rather than gradually developing.

Without love this is a quantum haphazard accident that we can attribute, as Creationists argue, to an externalized master design or intelligence called God.

Somehow that feels very static, random, diminishing and powerless ~ like waiting for a thunderbolt!

However, if that thunderbolt is love than creationism becomes a loving plan in action which is precisely what evolution is ~ a loving plan in action driven by the urge to unite which does not preclude biological offshoots and accidents. ~ which we have more than enough evidence of.

As such, intelligent design is one in the same with love and the universal evolutionary urge to unite which is innate in all living matter and deepest within ourselves.

In summary, Creationists and Evolutionists both need to accept an internalized God of love and soul consciousness ~ whose principle property is the urge to unite.

No one describes this urge to unite better than Teilhard de Chardin:

Considered in all its full biological reality, love ~ that is to say, the affinity of being with being ~is not peculiar to man. It is a general property of all life and as such it embraces, in its varieties of degrees, all the forms successively adopted by organized matter.

If there were no real propensity to unite, even at a prodigiously rudimentary level, indeed, in the molecule itself ~ it would be physically impossible for love to appear higher up in the ' hominized ' or human form.

Teilhard de Chardin , The Phenomenon of Man

The evolution war is over before it started.

It's all about love.

Now, if we would just surrender to it ~ we could enjoy universal peace.


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