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Being On the Express vs The Local

The express can only be accessed through your heart ~ not your head. It is an act of surrender to something much bigger than yourself, your fears and need to control. It is the ultimate yes to yourself. Few listen and fewer still respond to this inner call and it is where delight resides. ~ Allen L Roland

Being on the express is being in the field ~ that is, the Unified Field of love and soul consciousness that exists not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears. A consciousness that can only be accessed through love and demands that you surrender to a force far greater than yourself.

You might call it God but God, to me, is a loving plan in action. When we fully listen and respond to this inner call ~ we realize that we are part of that loving plan in action and the delight comes with that inner realization.

Being on the Local is being in a state of ego consciousness ~ that is, a state where you are controlled by fear and the ego's need to stay in control ~ at all costs. A consciousness of limited perception and never ending searching and groping by the mind for answers that can only be found within.

Think of the ego as a cocoon that is meant to be eventually shed ~ a projection of what we feel we have to be in order to be loved versus the full expression of who we really are.

When we fully open our hearts in relationship we feel and glimpse this promised land beyond the protective walls of the ego but our tendency is to externalize it on our partner and never fully claim it from within ~ or run away from the fire because of the fear of losing control or being hurt .

Only by letting go of the outer quest, with love, can we make that all important shift from outer to inner validation and set the stage to get on the express ~ a deep inner feeling of joy and delight that we all once knew as a child before psychic pain ( the seeming separation from love ) overrode our initial state of soul consciousness and we created an ego in order to survive and stay in control.

Believe me, the ego was created out of pain and aloneness and was eventually meant to be shed . Love is the rabbit hole leading us to the promised land of soul consciousness and the express ~ if we will but fully surrender.

That's why most people do not remember their original state of joy and soul consciousness ~ their original pain of being seemingly separated from it was so devastating that they emotionally stopped growing and they eventually recreate that original separation in virtually all of their ensuing love relationships.

In my own life and in my work as a psychotherapist I have experienced and seen this continually ~ but it is really an inner quest to return to our original state of unity, joy and delight.

The only reason I am on the express is because of my willingness to fully surrender to love, eventually let go, with love, and fully feel and connect the pain that kept me from truly internalizing that state of soul consciousness that I once deeply felt and knew as a young child.

This transition cannot be made from a place of being a victim or denying love and it is the ultimate act of inner faith.

Carlos Castaneda said it best;

Only the love for this splendorous being can give freedom to a warriors spirit ~ and freedom is joy, efficiency and abandon in the face of any odds.

That is the last lesson ~ it is always saved for the last moment , for the moment of ultimate solitude when a man faces his death and aloneness. Only then does it make sense.

Their twilight is the crack between the two worlds ~ it is the door to the unknown.

Carlos Castaneda Tales of Power

Castaneda's unknown is a state of love and soul consciousness deepest within ourselves ~ the unknown is the express where we not only know and celebrate who we are ~ but we deeply feel the delight of knowing that we are not only part of a loving plan but that we have a part to play in it ~ by just sharing the love, joy and delight of ourselves.

Great loves are always on the express ~ and use that love to grow and celebrate who they truly are.

Safe loves & (Going through the Motions) loves are usually on the local ~ continually starting and stopping as each partner tries to get their partner to go beyond their common fears and control issues or they just settle for less than all of themselves. Little growth occurs because neither partner can fully let go and claim themselves.

On the Express ~ love is a vehicle for growth.

On the Local ~ love is a never ending struggle with little if any personal growth.

My five year old granddaughter Sofia is on the express and she not only knows that she is special but she also knows that I can truly see her ~ just as my grandfather truly saw me as a young child.

And I am, indeed, that young child sharing this great truth with you.


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