Allen Roland
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Allen Roland


I have always believed that there is only one ultimate and divine source and it is LOVE!

The feelings associated with this state are profound love, joy and bliss.

We all long to re-connect with source because we all came from a place of love, joy and bliss (soul consciousness). We can touch it through meditation but we can only truly access it by fully opening out hearts!


I remember when I first became fully aware that this love,joy and bliss was deepest within myself. It was 1987 and I was in a relationship with someone who I loved as deeply and intimately as my twin. Her name was Rachel . She had two twin daughters and she allowed me to love her as deeply as a twin because she was being loved that deeply by her twin daughters. There came a time to let go in that relationship and when I did, from a place of love and accountability, I felt the deep terror of being separated from my twin at birth. I completely surrendered to that terror, which lasted only a few moments, and suddenly my mind seemed to open up and I realized

  1. I had just felt the terror of letting go of my twin
  2. I had obviously loved Rachel as deeply as my twin
  3. I could now love that deeply without any fear and
  4. I became aware of a tremendous sense of love,joy and bliss welling up from beneath that terror!

My next step , only a few days later, was to totally surrender to that love,joy and bliss with the help of a spiritual masseuse (Linda) who realized I was healing myself and did not get in the way. It was a free fall into my original source! All I did was surrender! The first session lasted over three hours and she became my twin in utero as we held and moved together while on the table . After that session she exclaimed "Allen, you and your twin were absolutely one". The second session I fully claimed my true essence , intention and purpose . The third and final session was my full surrender to source as I celebrated and acknowledged the people who I have deeply loved, especially my grandfather, while feeling nothing but total love, joy and bliss! I remember leaping off the table, stark naked, and exclaiming to Linda "I am totally in touch with my deepest joy,bliss,intention and purpose!"

Looking back now , I realize I was totally in touch with SOURCE ! This is why 80-90% of my clients emotionally shut down in the womb or shortly after birth. They know I can see and connect with them at source.

Recently I let go of a great love, when it became time to let go, by totally opening my heart to her at the risk of being completely rejected - knowing that part of her also deeply loved me. IT WAS THE ULTIMATE YES TO MYSELF for in completely opening my heart, going beyond any fear of rejection, I became one with SOURCE! Almost immediately I felt a deep sense of joy,bliss,freedom and KNOWING. Once again, my mind seemed to open up and I clearly saw the truth of our relationship - which I later shared with her.

This deep sense of love,joy and knowing became more apparent when I attended a wedding the next day, where I sang for the bride and groom - both former clients of mine. I could feel a marked change in my presence - I was grounded in source. I remember driving home that night saying to myself "I am," "I am", but what I was really saying is I AM ONE WITH SOURCE.

Being one with source is the ultimate relationship and sense of community. I KNOW I am part of something much larger than myself and I KNOW I am being supported by that community. To re-connect with source you must let go of the ego's need to control and protect and, instead, completely surrender to love by fully opening your heart - at the risk of everything.

The path of the heart takes great courage but the payoff is immense! For when you are one with source, as I am, you are one with a divine loving plan (God) and you are finally in sync with your true destiny.

The question is always - Do you have the courage to go beyond your head , your need to control or just going through the motions in life and, instead, fully surrender to the fire and passion of love, allowing yourself to willingly and joyfully burn and finally become one with source and a KNOWING fragment of life's heart ? How can we possibly resist this call from within? How can we possibly resist this immense love,joy and bliss that is deepest within us? How can we possibly resist the path of the heart? How can we possibly resist love - THE ONLY TRUE PATH TO SOURCE!



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