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The Last Holdout

We are the last holdout.
The world is making a shift inconsciousness and we resist it at our peril.

Spain has embraced the power of the people and thrown out a government that purposely mislead them.

India, the world's largest democracy, has thrown the governing party out of office because they ignored the poor and destitute in their race towards wealth.

Is there a lesson here ?

The people of the world are finding their voice and claiming their power and it's a very necessary step in our rapidly approaching shift from ego consciousness to soul consciousness.

This shift is not the promised " rapture " that the Christian fundamentalists expect for the chosen few.

No, far from it ~ for it is a shift towards social cooperation and altruism that all of us will participate in and , more importantly, all of us have a part to play ~ for this innate urge to unite is a state of soul consciouness that lies deepest within us all.

We are the last holdout.

For we have chosen to give our power away to an administration that is steeped in ego consciousness ~ that is ; any means to the end , power and manipulation, control,domination, secrecy , isolation and separateness versus openness, fairness, altruism and cooperation.

Note how the characteristics of a cancer cell coincide with the characteristics of ego consciousness :

  1. Inability to communicate with other cells
  2. No function within a loving plan
  3. Lack of adhesiveness
  4. Isolated and out of control
  5. The setting up of a center whose own interests are largely opposed to the host

We are the cancer that is now being painfully exposed for ourselves to see ~ for the world , in large part, has seen it for some time.

The Bush administration is a reflection of our own dark shadow and this shadow can no longer be ignored ~ or tolerated.

The first step is exposing it and we are now well into that painful process.

The second step is to isolate it by tearing away the hubris and deception and seeing it for what it is ~ a self serving arrogant facade ~ as is now happening with the obvious misleadings regarding the illegal Iraq war and now the condoned broad prison abuse revelations.

This administration has institutionalized revenge, both militarily and economically, and we as a nation have morally suffered greatly.

Like a cancer , this adminitration is isolated and ' out of control ' and has definitely set up its own center whose own interests are largely opposed to its host ~ the American people and its constitution.

The third step is to radiate it with the blinding light of the truth,remove it from officeand resume our partnership with a world that is beginning to actively unite and cooperate with one another.

America was conceived by men who believed in themselves and their destiny. They took a stand on human and spiritual values despite great risk, aloneness and hardship.

The hope for America lies within the hearts of its people ~ not within the walls of its institutions.

It was Kenneth Clark , author of Dark Ghetto and Pathos of Power who wrote ;

The essential for hope is to be found in that critical minority of human beings who insist upon being unrealistic, who for some unknown set of reasons continue to argue that human beings are somehow capable of the possibility of empathy, compassion, love and sensitivity even as cruelty, hostility, insensitivity and rationalized dishonesty now dominate.

In the final analysis, only those courageous individuals provide the hope for the ultimate type of realism that is defined by the capacity of a society to survive rather than be destroyed eventually on the alter of human barbarity.

We are the last holdout.

How long can we resist this urge to unite ?

Let us remove this cancer that restricts our moral health and destiny and rejoin the brotherhood of man.


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