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Last Message of Pope John Paul II

FEAR is the chariot in which man rides to death; And when he finds himself within the chamber of the dead, he learns that he has been deceived ~ his chariot was a myth, and death a fancy child : Levi / Aquarian Gospel

It would appear that the last message of Pope John Paul II is the very same as his first message , delivered at his inaugural homily as Pope in 1978 ~ " BE NOT AFRAID ".

Up to his last moment of his life he was a teacher but this was his greatest living lesson ~ for what he taught in his last precious moments was BE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH .

The Pope had refused to go back to the hospital, when his health began to seriously deteriorate, and perhaps prolong his life with the latest artificial life support system ~ all of which were available to him ~ but, instead, he chose to welcome his death and, in the process, teach us his greatest lesson.

It reminds me of what the great Jesuit priest Teilhard de Chardin wrote on the last page of his personal journal three days before his death:

" The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death ."

And it is Teilhard who writes in THE ACTIVATION OF ENERGY :

" But how much more comforting and ' electrifying ' for our effort would it not be if some signal or some sign ( some summons or some echo ) should come to us from beyond death and give us positive assurance that some center of convergence does really exist ahead of us."

It would appear that we have received many signals and numerous signs that this center of convergence ( in the form of love, unity, peace, light and joy ) lies beyond death.

The Late Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross , the internationally respected expert on the psychiatric dimensions of dying, claimed that she had proof that there is life after death on the basis of hundreds of " near Death " experiences .

Although details of near-death accounts vary somewhat , Kubler-Ross said that all her subjects reported certain common experiences . In a 1975 interview in People (11/4/75 ) she explained her claim:

" I have investigated cases from Australia to California, involving patients from age 2 to 92 ~ I have hundreds of very clear-cut cases from all over the world which include both religious and non-religious people ~ one had been dead 12 and 1/2 hours . All experienced the same thing.

" They literally shed their physical bodies, as a butterfly comes out of the cocoon. They describe a feeling of peace, often beautiful, indescribable peace, no pain, no anxiety ~ And they were perfect - completely whole. "

" After the transition ( following death ) you achieve a higher understanding which includes a review of your own life. You evaluate all your actions, words and thoughts ; you are fully aware of the effect of your deeds and thoughts on others. It is not God who judges you - you judge yourself. "

It would appear that these " near-death " experiences are a psychic state of soul consciousness, which exists not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears ( The Unified Field ), and note how similar these experiences are to the Gallup reported " mystical " experiences that four out of every ten Americans have experienced.

That would include myself who experienced my own mother coming to me from beyond death, from that same place of light and love, and telling me that she now knew what I knew and had shared with her before her death.

Dr Raymond Moody wrote in his landmark book LIFE AFTER DEATH about the common experiences of dying and the near-death experience:

" The feeling of rapidly moving through a long dark tunnel. Glimpsing the spirits of relatives and friends who have died. A deeply loving non-judgmental spirit of brilliant light is experienced . A panoramic play-back of the major events of their lives is experienced with the general feeling of beings asked , " What have you done with your life ? "

Dr Moody notes how some of the people have reacted after surviving this near-death experience and the instantaneous playback of the events of their life:

" When I got back ", said one man, " I had this overwhelming desire to do something for other people. I was so ashamed of all the things that I had done, or hadn't done in my life ."

Once again, it would appear that these people have experienced soul consciousness and, as such, their deepest connection to the unified Field. They suddenly become aware, while in that state of soul consciousness, that they have a function within this loving plan and whether they have fulfilled it or not.

Another interesting point to consider is that both Dr Ross and Dr Moody note that the survivors of these near-death experiences are not afraid of death anymore.

If birth represents a passage ~ then why wouldn't death represent another passage ?

As a licensed therapist with over 10,000 hours of experience dealing with people's deepest fears and anxieties ~ I can unequivocally state that the experience of surrendering to one's deep and long repressed feelings of pain, aloneness and despair is almost always initially experienced as a dark tunnel of never-ending pain which leads only to death.

Time after time I have had people tell me from the depths of that despair that the pain they are experiencing will never end, that they are going to die. However, it is only the ego and fear that gradually die while joy and a true sense of SELF begin to emerge from hiding.

As such, that long dark tunnel, that Moody writes of, is a cocoon of ego consciousness ~ put in place for survival and protection purposes only ~ a cocoon that is eventually meant to be shed .

Just as Steven Hawking has suggested that black holes in space may become white holes at a point of singularity , where all notions of time and space break down ~ so I am suggesting that at the end of the black hole of despair within ourselves, we also reach a point of singularity, where all notions of time and space break down and we become one with the Unified field and a state of soul consciousness.

This point of singularity deepest within us would also appear to be Karl Pribram's timeless and spaceless holographic " implicate domain " ~ and love is the means, I would add, by which we tune in on the implicate domain.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross is correct when she writes , " Death may be viewed as the curtain between the existence we are conscious of and one that is hidden from us until we raise the curtain ."

We can raise the curtain now if we stop being controlled by fear and begin to trust and express our deepest feelings ~ especially love and our deepest urge to unite and cooperate with one another.

And yes, that was, in essence, the last message of Pope John Paul II .


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