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Einstein Was Right ~ God Doesn't Play Dice

Albert EinsteinJune 2005 marks the 100th anniversary of Einstein's discovery in 1905 of the photoelectric effect . Einstein deduced that light is not a continuous stream of energy but is composed of individual particles or bundles of energy which he called photons.

His paper on the photoelectric effect not only won the Nobel Prize but opened the door to Quantum mechanics ~ which promptly erased the sanctity of cause and effect and replaced it with a sea of statistical probabilities and the idea that certain aspects of reality are in principle unknowable.

This went deeply against Einstein's belief that " the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is its comprehensibility " or as Einstein often said " God may be subtle ~ but he does not play dice "

He could not accept the statistical formulation of quantum mechanics as the basic law of physics and so he left that field to others and the last years of his life were spent searching for the elusive Unified Field Theory ~ " Even the great initial success of quantum theory does not make me believe in the fundamental dice-game " he wrote, " though I am well aware that our young colleagues interpret this as a consequence of senility ."

To Einstein, a universe that was not run according to strict rules, which he hoped to discover, was totally unacceptable.

He always believed that underneath the seemingly random behavior of atoms and light there must be a more logical and predictable base ~ and he was right.

The problem was EinsteIn was looking at the without of things and could not fully grasp the within of things ~ which pertain to subjective experience, the innate urge to unite and love.

This problem is clearly seen in Einstein's work with the Indian physicist S.N. Bose in the early 1920's ~ when they laid the groundwork for the later development of the laser.

Their findings pointed toward a Unified Field of Love, whose principle property is the urge to unite ~ yet they were unable to perceive it.

In 1925, Einstein received a paper from Bose that described light as a gas consisting of photons. The important finding in this paper was that photons do not obey the common sense statistical laws that billiard balls do,

For example, if you randomly roll a number of perfectly elastic billiard balls on a frictionless table, sooner or later they will all end up in various pockets ~ which would make sense in a unrelated quantum world.

Photons do not.

Photons, in the billiard ball scenario, will have a tendency to gather into whatever pocket the first photon falls. And the more photons in a pocket, the more likely the other photons will choose to join their mates !

It is here that we must acknowledge that the laws of science themselves are completely observer-dependent for Einstein deduced that there was no force or attraction in this effect but " just a statistical tendency that causes photons to prefer to travel together."

My point is that Einstein and Bose actually discovered evidence of the Unified Field of Love, with its innate urge to unite operating at the subatomic level.

But the obvious indicator of the presence of this field, revealed in the attractive urge of photons to unite, did not fit their prior assumptions or their level of consciousness. So they posited an unexplained tendency of photons to travel together, with no attractive force involved. ( They might as well have just said that all photons just happen to be going in the same direction )

Now, from my standpoint of a Unified Field of Love and soul consciousness ~ the propensity of photons to unite is direct evidence of the universal force of love operating at the deepest micro level of the physical realm.

By the same token, psi experiences, near and after death experiences, synchronicity, and other para-normal phenomena that transcend time/space limitations are in their own way evidence of the presence of this Unified Field operating at the psychic level.

In other words, Bose and Einstein discovered evidence of a primordial urge to unite existing even within the subatomic particles of of energy that make up light, but they were blinded to the implications of their discovery by their consciousness and " scientific" prejudice.

Picture, if you will, some gigantic scientist in space peering through his trusty microscope at you and your lover ~ or someone you have chosen to spend your life with ~ and dismissing your deep soul connection and union as " a statistical tendency to want to travel together ."

Has this scientist seen the full picture of you ? Or has he missed an important subjective part of the picture ?

And if so, was there a glitch in his microscope, or were his perceptions limited because of his preconceived beliefs or state of consciousness ?

No one describes this scientific impasse more tellingly than Lincoln Barnett, author of The Universe and Dr Einstein ;

" A theoretical concept is emptied of content to the degree that it is divorced from sensory experience ~ for the only world man can truly know is the world created for him by his senses. Beyond that he states into the void. "

And so there you have it ~ Einstein was right . God doesn't play dice for God is love, the ultimate life force as revealed by the universal urge to unite which exists even within the basic subatomic particles of light.

As such, God is also a loving plan in action ~ an evolutionary process with which we all participate as co-creators.

Thus, on the 100th anniversary of his brilliant discovery, let me offer my definition of the Unified Field which he died searching for and actually found;

The basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness ( The Unified Field ) which lies not only beyond time and space but ALSO beneath our deepest fears.

Einstein always thought that there should be something simple and yet profound about a grand theory of everything and what could be more simple and yet more profound than love.


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