Allen Roland
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Allen Roland


I want to share with you a synchronistic event that happened to me within the last two days.

As many of you know I recently let go of a relationship which was a great love. Great loves come into your life to expand your love and my heart truly expanded but especially after I let go of the relationship from a place of gratitude, love and compassion . You don't let go of a great love - you are forced to surrender and in so doing you become a fragment of life's heart. And that's what happened to me as I felt myself literally go into the light and source - embracing more of myself and my destiny in the process of letting go.

So now back to my story - I was driving home from my office listening to KDFC ( 102.1 FM ) and I heard something that literally forced me to stop the car and listen . It was obviously a symphony orchestra but it was playing a piece that I had never heard before but it was touching the very core of my soul. The music stroked my heart with its obvious, to me, poignant message of deep and profound love which seemed to extend beyond time and space.

When the song ended the announcer identified it as Paul McCartney's NOVA with the London Symphony Orchestra. NOVA was dedicated to Paul's wife, the great love of his life, who passed on not to long ago.

Of course, his deep tribute of love was resonating with my deep love for my former partner who was also no longer a part of my life. I wanted this tape and found it at Tower Records under the title of MUSIC OF HOPE, which also features recordings and compositions by Ray Charles, Andre' Previn and the New York Philharmonic.

But when I opened the CD cassette - on the inside cover, like a buried treasure, was a poem by Maya Angelou and an obvious message for me:


A last love,
proper in conclusion,
should snip the wings
forbidding further flight.

But I, now,
reft of that confusion,
am lifted up
and speeding toward the light.



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