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I love the fall ,hills and vineyards splashed with color, crisp autumn days and cool nights , the sun is low and new shadows and shapes are introduced to my eyes. And it also contains my favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving.

Why is it my favorite ?

Because it's my opportunity to give thanks to all the people who have made a difference in my life this year. In my case , there were many - because I almost died from a freak disc infection in early March - and many people ( doctors, nurses, friends, family, and others ) all played a role in my rapid and complete recovery.

I truly know the meaning of one of my favorite quotes : God only reveals himself to a grateful heart. In coming from gratefulness I can clearly see that God is a loving plan in action and each one of these people were part of that loving plan in action.

The only antidote for unworthiness and resentment is gratefulness. For when we come from a place of gratefulness we are forced to see that the unhappy events in our lives may have been gifts within a slowly evolving loving plan.

Then we can begin to see that God is not " out there " but within each one of us - a loving evolutionary process with which we all participate as co-creators.

As we consciously take responsibility for our gifts in this evolutionary process we begin to see that we are indeed part of something far greater than ourselves - we are part of God - which is, once again, that loving plan in action.

So this thanksgiving , why not thank atleast several people who have made a great difference in your life this year. Watch what happens - you just might realize , as I have, how blessed you are!

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Happy Thanks-giving !

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